Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday?!?!?!?'s happy for me. I decided to take a vacation day just to relax. First thing first.....I was very productive this weekend. I went to Chandas house on Friday to "create". I left home about 10:30. When I arrived we unloaded my car and Chanda showed me around in her "scraproom"...really, it's a store.. LOL After showing me everything...well not quite everything, but as much as she could. We left to take her daughter to work and have some lunch. We ate at one of her faves...a Japaense spot that was DELISH!!!!! I've added it to my faves as well. After eating we went to Hobby Lobby. Did a little damage; more than I intended considering I was just goint to her "house" to create. So, we sat in traffic a little and finally headed back to the house. We started up around 4:30 or so. It took a minute to unpack, but once I was ON and poppin'. We listened to good "OLE SKOOL" music, drank wine, ate cheese and crackers and got in the zone. I made about 25 cards that night. Don't be fooled though. I usually make templates for my cards then fill the greeting in at a later time. So, that night I just completed what I started. I had a ball and enjoyed myself very much. Chanda also finished some cards but the internet kept calling her name so she didn't get as much done. (might have been the wine too)LMBO I met her hubby and son and their dog. Nice family!!! I was also able to create on Saturday/Sunday. So I would say my entire weekend was productive. I'm adding photos from my creativity this weekend. Hope you enjoy. Until later......

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  1. Hey Girlie,
    Had a great time also. STORE!!! I can't wait to see your creative space. Just from the way you shopped the last two times we were together I know you have everthing and then some.

    Oh yes... I only had one glass of wine.



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