Thursday, March 31, 2011

100th Birthday

It's almost the weekend baby!!!!
Just thought I'd pop in for a quick post. I'm creating birthday invitations for a client whose mother is celebrating her 100th birthday!!!! Can you believe it...what a blessing!!!! So, I wanted to share and get your thoughts/opinions as to if it's elegant enough. Please let me know.
That's it for now....see ya soon.


  1. I know we live near each other, I am so hoping we can meet up.I would love to see your work
    I am in LUV!

  2. Thanks for visiting again, Luana! And congrats on your top six of the last embellish challenge--your card was lovely! These are some fancy, schmancy invites!! Gorgeous! But, I guess for a 100th birthday, they SHOULD be, huh!! Nice work!!

  3. These invitations are gorgeous! I have a great aunt who is turning 106 this year, so it's truly a reason to celebrate!

  4. Thanks Carol.Yes, such a blessing!!!



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