Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

Hi ladies,

It's been since Christmas, but I'm back. I've been taking a small break (burn-out) and I'm still not back fully but thought I'd better drop a few lines anyway. My holiday season was nice. It went by pretty fast, but don't the days seem to do that ordinarily ANYWAY?!?! So I'm back at work after being off for pretty much two weeks and boy is it a struggle. I'm ready for a vacation already. (sad I know) I didn't make any "resolutions" as I usually don't, but I will try to incorporate new things this year...maybe even create pages. (something I haven't done in years) With that being said, I have something new for you  today. I have delved into "coloring". I don't own any Copic markers...yet, but soon because after seeing a finished product I can't hold off any longer. So coloring images and this artist I found...Krista Smith (Saturated Canary) have entered into my craft world. I simply LOVE her creative. Without further ado, here are my creations. I hope you like them.

Oh, by the way, I'm entering them into her DT call challenge. The competition over there is STIFF but it's all in fun so I thought I'd try anyway. Wish me luck!


Until next time...


  1. Good luck! You're a fantastic card maker and would definitely be an asset to the new team!

    1. Thanks Trina...sad to say that I dint' make the team. Oh well, maybe next one. (still smiling)

  2. NOthing looking "burnt out" about these fabulous cards. Looks like your break did the trick. I love the vivid jewel tones of both the cards. They are both so rich looking. Gorgeous doe eyed beauties. Good luck with the DT call challenge. Fingers crossed that they know fabulousness when they see it.

    1. Thanks Jen...sad to say I didn't make the team "this" time. (still hopeful)



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